Co-Willing – International Association

The international coalition Co-Willing encourages Good Governance and promotes Sustainable Development in Africa. Focus is implementing projects specifically in Africa in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG:

  • Ethical Leadership & Good Governance
  • Efficient Project Planning and Evaluation with intelligent iSDG tool
  • UrbanRural Development,
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Environment: Waste & Water Management, renewable Energy, Reforestation 
  • Skills Training and Education (incl. gender equality)
  • Health Development

Co-Willing aims to be a powerful source of inspiration, cooperation and action that serves project specific development outcomes.

Co-Willing is a non-political and non-profit NGO with seat in Geneva, Switzerland.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDG and T21 Model – are key
reference points in the way forward.
So is the Agenda 2063 – future plan for Transformation and Development in Africa.

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference –
Feb/March 2023

“Sustainable Development in Africa – Leading the Way”
Introducing creative economic and other partnerships
for practical and meaningful development along the SDGs.

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Goal: Co-Willing members, international investors, Government organisations, …
seeking collaboration for economic empowerment (e.g. vocational skills education) and
implementation of the UN SDGs.

Co-Willing Annual Report 1 March 2018 – 31 Dec 2019

Co-Willing – Annual Report 2018

Co-Willing – Annual Report 2017