Co-Willing – Commitment of the Willing

Network for sustainable development

A Network of Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Co-Willing is an international network of leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs whose mission is to change the economic environment in Africa sustainably and with Good Governance, so that Africa can unfold its full potential.

Co-Willing facilitates platforms where experts and interesting projects are aimed at improving lives, through concrete actions in an effective and self-sustaining way, choosing bottom-up or top-down approaches depending on what’s indicated in any given situation.

Asking appropriate questions and listening to the responses of the target populations is important to Co-Willing, as is making all projects independent of further support as soon as possible.

Encouraging Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG

The international coalition Co-Willing encourages Good Governance and promotes Sustainable Development in Africa. Focus is implementing projects specifically in Africa in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals SDG:

  • Efficient Project Planning and Evaluation with intelligent iSDG Model
  • Ethical Leadership & Good Governance
  • Urban & Rural Development,
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Environment: Waste & Water Management, renewable Energy, Reforestation 
  • Skills Training and Education (incl. gender equality)
  • Health Development

Our next conference takes place on

July 2024