Co-Willing is concerned about the waste management situation in many countries and is determined to work towards sustainable waste management solutions. This lead to investigations to find the latest and foremost technologies in the fields of waste management.

Current pilot programmes and goals:
– regular clean-up days in Nairobi’s townships Kibra and Lucky Summer

– raising awareness about the separation of organic and non-organic waste
– getting an idea of volume and quality of the non-organic waste
– research and promotion of reasonable recycling options
This as first steps towards bigger frame long-term solutions.

Co-Willing is commited to help tackle the challenge with the many waste dumps all over Africa by providing knowledge and connections to experts.


South Africa:
Co-Willing facilitated meetings between Swiss experts of thermo-recycling and South African representatives of departments for waste managment to explore long-term solutions for the elimination of waste dump sites and creation of clean ways of waste treatment.
Lead: Rommel Roberts, Susi Gubler

‘Kibra Green’ initiated a waste management programme for the biggest slum of Africa, Kibra in Nairobi: Waste collection, separation, re-cycling, tree-planting along the rivers, awareness raising for environmental issues, regular clean-up days
Lead: Yakub Jaffar, Alfredo Ayoro

The Kibra Green example is multiplying: regular clean-ups and tree-planting actions also happen in the township Lucky Summer, Nairobi, under the lead of Maxwell Musungu.

UN Habitat in Kenya welcomes those initiatives and promised support.