All Co-Willing projects must comply with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Sustainable Development Goals – Wikipedia
SDGs inter-connected (an example)
iSDG Model – Flyer (detailed info)

The Millennium Institute – under the lead of Dr. Hans Rudolf Herren – developed the
iSDG Model as a tool …

– to support an approach to scenarios guided to inclusive and integrated SDG policy design and testing – including stakeholder discussions.
– to enable systemic thinking and intelligent strategising, planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluating: mid- and long-term perspectives
– to guide investers and Governments how to create optimal output with intelligent investment strategies
The iSDG Model is applicable for countries, counties, companies, organisations, institutions, …

Workshops at the Co-Willing Conferences
Practical demonstration and application of the iSDG Model for your own project – both private and public-sector:
strategic planning and budgeting for successful implementation
Participants will be able to play their own scenarios on their own laptops