Reliable & good quality power supply
– for rural villages and townships
– for schools & computer centres
– for clinics
– for small businesses, farmers
– for vehicles

Co-Willing collaborates with European companies and researchers, who are developing various solar solutions from small to big scale.

A10 Mini-Power-Plant that provides enough power for the supply of
– light
– PC with internet, cell phones, tablets
– TV and radio
– operation of an energy saving refrigerator (e.g. for storage of medicine)
– sewing machine
– small water pump

It provides shelter for about 14 people, who can assemble around a table and it collects the rain water.
It thus becomes a meeting point where people can benefit also for the use their computers for e-learning and e-library.

The A10 unit is scalable
If e.g. a hospital wants to be sure that they have no interruption of power during surgeries they take more solar panels or install more than one unit.
The same applies for schools, government offices, business

A10 is completely independent from the grid and can serve in any rural area.

It is planned to produce most of the components in Africa.

Onsite Vocational Training
It is planned train young ones how to set up and maintain the units.