Computer literacy & IT service

Co-Willing promotes the concept of Robin and Rommel Robert’s concept of IT in Rural Schools and Townships, which enhances skills and job opportunities for people who have otherwise no access to modern technology.

In collaboration with Rommel’s Hilltop Empowerment Centre we intend to …
– supply schools with refurbished computers
– if required send a trainer there to train both teachers and school children for a certain time until teachers can overtake
(or create a position for the trainer to contine to have this position of employement either working for the school or employed by Hilltop.)

E-learning & E-library

With offline e-learning and le-library software we intend to increase maths, English, science … results significantly. Also included an offline Wikipedia version.
We encourage schools to use e-learning software, it assists teachers, implemeting e-learning into their curriculum.

How you can support us

We are always happy about computers and laptops.