Upcoming 2022
Co-Willing Economic Development Conference –
February 2022

Last Conference 2019
Co-Willing Economic Development Conference –
25 – 30 January 2019

“Sustainable Development in Africa – Leading the Way”
Introducing creative economic and other partnerships
for practical and meaningful development along the SDGs.

A unique gathering of leaders, experts and interested people.
Co-Willing organises a conference along its key foci:
Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
with the opportunity of  applying the intelligent systemic computer tool
iSDG T21 to your own project
with professional assistance by the Millennium Instititute
Governance for the implementation of the SDGs
Science & technology and SDGs
Climate change adaption
Cyber security, blockchain technology, AI
incl. securing your own laptop, tablet, phone…
Food security & sustainable agri-production
Ecologic Organic Agriculture EOA Inititative in Africa, Blue Economy
Waste & water management
City, urban and rural development
Renewable energy production & storage
Education: IT, digital learning,
Skills Development for economic empowerment:
vocational skills training (incl. hospitality training)

Delegates, international investors, Government organisations, Co-Willing members…

seeking collaboration for economic empowerment (e.g. vocational skills education) and implementation of the UN SDGs.

Summary REPORT – Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 2019

For questions please send us an email to info@cowilling.org

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Kenya January 2019:
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