Co-Willing members are committed and engaged in many different projects.
see: 000 Projects and Actions of Co-Willing Members – 2018-05-28

Project Examples (click on name)
Platfontein – Youth Empowerment in a San People community in South Africa
Solar Energy – Production & Storage – reliable and good quality power supply

Previous Events

The ‘Co-Willing Economic Development Conference’ in Kenya, January 2018, focused on collaboration and action for the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs in Africa – with a special emphasis on agri-development, reliable energy supply in combination with e-learning, e-libraries and digital school rooms, vocational skills training, waste and water management, community development and more.
Co-Willing Conference Brochure – Jan 2018

Countries, counties and organisations found a professional team for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by using the intelligent planning, budgeting and monitoring tool iSDG T21.

The ‘Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 2017’ in South Africa focused on how to promote solutions re waste to energy, sustainable power supply with renewable energy, agri-production and -processing, vocational skills training and comprehensive information on how to achieve the UN SDGs by 2030.

History & Origin
‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ (FOR) 2014 was an inspiring conference that brought people together to share real life experiences and lessons from different contexts and countries in Africa. The Co-Willing Association was initiated.
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