Outcomes of the Conference 2019

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference – Kenya
Kwale 25-30 January 2019

Summary REPORT – Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 2019

Presentations 2019

Cybersecurity & Blockchain Technology – Preparing to face cyber attacks
by Marc Minar, Switzerland

iSDG – a Scenario Tool for Policy Integration and Development Planning
by Hans Herren, Millennium Institute, USA, Kenya, Switzerland

The Danger of a Single Story – The Case of Fall Armyworm
by Girma Hailu, Uganda

Buhler Group – African Milling School
by Srinivas Papanna, Kenya

Urban Development – Integrated Sustainable Development Project
by Gita Goven, Cape Town

Thermo-Recycling & Waste Management
by Bettina Häuselmann, Switzerland

Smart E-Learning with WiLearn 4 Life
by Roland Diethelm, Switzerland



Outcomes of the Conference 2018

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference – Kenya
Kwale 19-24 January 2018

Summary of Outcomes – Co-Willing Conference 2018

Presentations 2018

SDGs are for everyone, and everyone needs to be involved – Paul Hoffman

Vusi Ntsuntsha Development Cape Town – A settlement designed as a resources generator
presented by Gita Goven

Natural Water Retention Systems – Info & Requirements – S. & J. Peham
presented by Susi Gubler and Rommel Roberts

Waste to Energy – Info and Requirements
presented by Rommel Roberts and Susi Gubler

Swiss Hospitality Training Concept – Swiss Hospitality Academy
presented by Rommel Roberts and Susi Gubler for Beat Wicki

A Vision for a developed Africa – Letlapa Mphahlele

Science of Change – Campaigning – Peter Metzinger

Myoreflex Concept – The New Medicine – Kurt Mosetter
presented by Susi Gubler

Myoreflex Concept – Kurt Mosetter – Message to Kenya and South Africa

Myoreflex Concept – Kurt Mosetter – Future Horizons

Myoreflex Concept – Kurt Mosetter – Phytodrugs Natural Herbs