– Phase 1: Youth Empowerment

Platfontein, Kimberley, South Africa

Platfontein is situated 15km outside the city of Kimberley.
The community includes 2 San tribes (!Xun and Khwe) who were relocated in the 70’s from Angola, Namibia and Botswana to Schmidsdrift (near Kimberley) and then relocated again to Platfontein.

The youth of Platfontein are caught between two worlds, one that values tradition and has endured hardships of the past, the other is a future in a society that is unaccessible to them – they have no sense of belonging.

This project engages the youth to create development that regenerates families, the communities and the land (as a valuable resource) while at the same time positioning them in the local and wider economy.

Platfontein Youth


  • Computer training
  • Business accounting & administration
  • Food security
  • Leadership
  • SMME (Brick reduction, local poultry farming, food garden nursery, computer & IT support centre)
  • English as Second Language

March – August 2015
13 youth participated in a 6-month skills Training.
September 2015 they built a new Computer Training, Service & Repair centre and implementing their new skills.
November 2015 – Graduation Ceremony for the vocational training
February 2016 – Business plans are finalised for further vocational Training and building of infrastructure.
A computer centre manager successfully runs the centre in collaboration with the Platfontein youth.

Next Steps:

Phase 2:

  • Land, water, food regeneration project
  • Housing Improvement in Platfontein

Phase 1:

  • Hilltop Empowerment Centre
  • Swiss Funding Platform

Phase 2:

  • Hilltop Empowerment Centre
  • Kimberly Municipality

Partners Needed:
Local partners:

  • Water, food, energy security
  • Stock & game farming
  • Healing training modalities
  • Project Management
  • Local networking capabilities

Links & information:

Platfontein Youth Empowerment
(Progress reports of the 6-month Vocational Training at Hilltop)

Hilltop Empowerment Centre (facilitator of Vocational Trainings)


Rommel & Robin Roberts from the Hilltop Empowerment Centre
Susi Gubler and the Swiss Funders and Supporters

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