San People Community
Platfontein, Kimberley, South Africa

Platfontein is situated 15km outside the city of Kimberley.
The community includes 2 San tribes (!Xun and Khwe) who were relocated in the 70’s from Angola, Namibia and Botswana to Schmidtsdrift and then relocated again to Platfontein (both near Kimberley) .

The youth of Platfontein are caught between two worlds, one that values tradition and has endured hardships of the past, the other is a future in a society that is unaccessible to them – they have no sense of belonging.

This project engages the youth to create development that regenerates families, the communities and the land (as a valuable resource) while at the same time positioning them in the local and wider economy.

Platfontein Youth


  • Computer training
  • Business accounting & administration
  • Food security
  • Leadership
  • SMME (Brick reduction, local poultry farming, food garden nursery, computer & IT support centre)
  • English as Second Language

March – August 2015
13 youth participated in a 6-month skills Training.
September 2015 they built a new Computer Training, Service & Repair centre and implementing their new skills.
November 2015 – Graduation Ceremony for the vocational training
February 2016 – Business plans are finalised for further vocational Training and building of infrastructure.
A computer centre manager successfully runs the centre in collaboration with the Platfontein youth.

Next Steps:

Phase 2:

  • Land, water, food regeneration project
  • Housing Improvement in Platfontein

Phase 3:

  • Hospitality training for the new Platfontein Lodge and Conference Centre
    with job opportunities for San youth
  • Platfontein Business Centre

Phase 1:

  • Hilltop Empowerment Centre
  • Swiss Funding Platform

Phase 2:

  • Hilltop Empowerment Centre
  • Kimberly Municipality

Phase 3:

  • Platfontein Lodge and Conference Centre

Partners Needed:
Local partners:

  • Water, food, energy security
  • Stock & game farming
  • Healing training modalities
  • Project Management
  • Local networking capabilities

Links & information:

Platfontein Youth Empowerment
(Progress reports of the 6-month Vocational Training at Hilltop)

Hilltop Empowerment Centre (facilitator of Vocational Trainings)


Rommel & Robin Roberts from the Hilltop Empowerment Centre
Susi Gubler and the Swiss Funders and Supporters

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