Resource Partners


Most of our members have founded their own organisations in their specific fields of intertest.
Those NGOs operate independent from Co-Willing, but all knowledge and experience of the members and their organisations form an outstanding network of experts.
Co-willing doesn’t take responsibility for those NGOs, but we are happy to exchange with them and learn from them:

Hilltop Empowerment CentreYouth & leadership development through projects
ARG Design – Integrative design & development, city planning & architecture
Hans Rudolf Herren
….Millennium Institute: Sustainable Development Goals – computer simulation
…….system iSDG Model – T21 – and
….Biovision Africa Trust: research for plant protection, sustainable farming,…….. …….e.g.
Push-Pull technique
Permavitae – Water, food systems & landscape development

Kibra Green – Waste Management, environmental education, skills training
Nikuze – Training for photo/videography & web design 

Funding Partners
Private Swiss funding partners


for the work of Co-Willing are welcome – click here
You can donate the work of Co-Willing in general (Conferences, connecting networks, mentoring of fellow members in their work, enabling youth to participate at conferences, etc)
or you donate for a specific cause: country, project, topic