Corporate Identity of Co-Willing

Co-Willing is an international network of activists, leaders and entrepreneurs
whose mission is to change the economic environment in Africa sustainably
and with good governance
so that Africans will be enabled and supported to unfold their full potential.

Co-Willing projects are aimed at improving lives, through concrete actions
in an effective and self-sustaining way, choosing bottom-up or top-down approaches depending on what’s indicated in the any given situation.

Asking appropriate questions and listening to the responses of the target populations
is important to Co-Willing, as is making all projects independent of further support
as soon as possible.

Co-Willing is a Swiss registered NGO, it is not a charity.
It can be better described as a social impact business network,
which inculcates leadership with integrity,
through which good governance can be spread in Africa and the world.

Since August 2019 donations to Co-Willing are Tax Exempt from the Swiss Taxes.

Good Governance – at the root of …
……– peace that is secure,
……– progress that is sustainable and
……– prosperity that is equitably shared

The Co-Willing is registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland:
IDE                         CHE-425.432.197

CH-ID                     CH66028240179
OFRC-ID                1331892