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Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 25-30 January 2019

Pre-Announcement __________________________________________________ International “Co-Willing Economic Development Conference” 25 – 30 January 2019 in Kenya “Sustainable Development in Africa – Leading the Way” Focus: Introducing Strategic Creative Economic and other Partnerships for Practical and Meaningful Sustainable Development (along

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 19-24 January 2018

Presentations, Workshops, Panels and discussions – Introduction to ’Vision Kenya 2030’ by J. M. Muia, Kenya – Role of Democracy for Implementation of the SDGs by J. Tesha, Africa Forum, SA – Human Rights and Climate Change

Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 20-24 January 2017

Co-Willing* organised a platform for leaders of the following areas: politics, diplomacy, organisations for economic empowerment, business, research, justice, city planning etc. at the Woody Cape Backpackers in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Goals: 1. How can

Meetings in Kenya August 2016

Co-Willing members met with local groups and entities to explore the best possible ways forward in the fields of vocational training and environmental topics.

Co-Willing Meetings in Europe June/July 2016

Four Co-Willing members explored possible collaborations with organisations and companies to research about sustainable development projects for Africa. Over 70 meetings in Switzerland, Brussels and Berlin. The outcomes were very inspiring and lead to good collaborations; e.g. vocational training,

Constituting Meeting January 2016 in Kenya

Co-Willing met in Kenya for a follow-up on the constituting meeting. 5 days of profound discussions and work. The constitution is now ready to be processed and adapted to Swiss Law.

Inception Meeting & Gathering

International members of Co – Willing are gathering in Switzerland from 23 June to discuss structure, purpose and actions of the group. Main questions and goals of the Meeting: How do we engage? What are the resources Co – Willing has?

Caux Forum

Members of Co – Willing are travelling to Caux, Switzerland to participate in  the Caux Forum: Just Governance for Human Security from 3 – 8 July. Since 2008, the Caux Forum for Human Security has brought together 300 people

Freedom – Our Responsibility

‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ (FOR) took place 26-30 September 2014 in South Africa. People  across  the world are inspired by the democratic processes led by former President Mandela and other inspirational leaders. This conference was inspired by a profound