Donations are welcome on the Swiss Co-Willing bank account.
If you prefer to donate in South Africa or Kenya,
please connect with or  +27 79 888 72 85  or  +41 79 391 64 51

Account holder                   The Co-Willing
Chemin de Flombards 9
1224 Chêne-Bougeries

Bank                                    Raiffeisenbank Taegerwilen
8274 Taegerwilen

Clearing No                         81412
SWIFT                                 RAIFCH22E12
Account/IBAN                      CH32 8141 2000 0082 7766 9

Unless you mention a specific purpose, the money will be used for the work of Co-Willing.

In order to get a confirmation of your donation, please send us your  physical address (incl. email & phone)

The Co-Willing is registered in the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland:

IDE                         CHE-425.432.197
CH-ID                     CH66028240179
OFRC-ID                1331892