Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 25-30 January 2019

Pre-Announcement __________________________________________________

International “Co-Willing Economic Development Conference”
25 – 30 January 2019 in Kenya

“Sustainable Development in Africa – Leading the Way”
Introducing Strategic Creative Economic and other Partnerships
for Practical and Meaningful Sustainable Development (along the SDGs)

Collaboration and enhancement of practical projects and programmes
in support of what has already been developed by Co-willing

The Conference will be a unique gathering of leaders, experts and interested people from Africa,
Europe and other continents, who share the goals of sustainable development and good governance
and who want to find concrete solutions and business with clear action plans for economic empowerment.

We invite EU and other international entities to the conference
as well as an assortment of African business, government development and academic institutions
to a collaborative framework and forum provided by this conference.

UN Sustainable Development Goals as guideline for the
following focus areas of Co-Willing:

  • Ethical Leadership & Good Governance
  • Efficient Project Planning and Evaluation with intelligent iSDG tool
  • Urban & Rural Development
  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Environment: Waste & Water Management, renewable Energy, Reforestation
  • Education (incl. gender equality): Skills Training and ICT (e-learning, e-library, computer literacy)
  • Health Development

Preliminary Programme (see attachment for more detailed info)

25 Jan evening  Opening Ceremony and Key Note speeches
26 – 28 Jan
         mornings: presentations
afternoons: in-depth workshops, discussions, stake-holder events, negotiations
29 – 30 Jan          workshops, excursions

The venue – a hotel at the Indian Ocean – offers full accommodation and good food,
conference rooms, access to good food, sand beach and pools, beach walks, …