Co-Willing Economic Development Conference 19-24 January 2018

Presentations, Workshops, Panels and discussions
Introduction to ’Vision Kenya 2030’ by J. M. Muia, Kenya

Role of Democracy for Implementation of the SDGs by J. Tesha, Africa Forum, SA

– Human Rights and Climate Change by A. Wulff, KAS, Germany/Kenya

– Implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
H. Herren and a Senior Modeler of the Millennium Institute, Washington DC
Presentation and demonstration of the ‘iSDG Model’ supported approach to scenarios guided to inclusive and integrated SDG policy design and testing – including stakeholder discussions.

Workshop: Practical demonstration and application of the iSDG Model
for strategic planning and implementation for use by both private and public sector
Participants will be able to play their own scenarios on their own laptops
(registration requested)
This session will be supported by some of the former Kenyan trainees.

Legal Framework for Accountability for the Implementation of the SDGs
Accountability Now Institute, P. Hoffman, South Africa,
Accountability as precondition of a thriving democracy – How can it be implemented?
What can be contributed by all of us?
The effects of Good Governance.

‘Science of Change – Successful Campaigning’  P. Metzinger, Switzerland
A methodology to plan, execute and evaluate campaigns that aim to change people’s behavior, attitudes or opinions. Campaigns director, international speaker, author and creator of the concept of the Open Forum at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Role of the Media in the promotion of the implementation of the SDGs

– Panels with Experts (with discussion open to the audience)

– Leadership with integrity and the SDGs
– The role of Companies, Institutions, Universities in the implementation the SDGs

Vocational Training – Skills Education for Youth
1. Existing models: e.g. CCT Talent Incubation by its founder P. Kisia and J. Mwakazi – construction skills training and promotion of business start-ups
2. Swiss Vocational Skills Training System – input by M. Bloch & Swiss Embassy and potential partners of companies
The role of vocational training for the Swiss economic success
3. Swiss hospitality training, in collaboration with the head of an international Swiss Hospitality School, offering tailor made solutions in the partner countries, as well as connecting courses with Swiss Certificates in Switzerland
Find your own solution: discussions, practical implications, way forward, partnerships

Digitalisation – E-Learning – Digital Classroom – Digital Village
R. Roberts, South Africa, and J. Mwakazi, Kenya
How to close the digital gap and empower people from rural and township areas.
Computer Centres for computer literacy, repairs and service; e-learning for schools;
digital classroom concept – skills, logistics, organization structure, partners, training of trainers, accreditation, curricula, …

– ‘Mini – Solar-Power-Plants’for reliable, independent and sustainable power supply 
W. Mikesch, Switzerland, R. Roberts, South Africa.
These plants are meant for use in rural areas and wherever backup solutions to the official grid are required, e.g. hospitals, institutions, schools, etc.
– Manufacturing of the plants in African countries
– Skills training for youth

21 Jan
– Agri-Development
Sustainable Agri-Production and job creation
4-in-1 Concept for Economic Boost for Farmers:
1. Push-Pull Concept by S. Niassy, Kenya:
a multi-benefit platform for climate change adaption in Africa

  1. Bee Keeping by M. Lattorff, Kenya – Bees for development and food security for honey production and bigger yields of crops.
  2. Farmers’ Networks for mutual information, support, marketing
  3. Marshall Plan for Africa by B. Mbugua, Kenya
  4. DOMDA – by A. Banggol, South Sudan
    Rural Development concept for peace building and empowerment   
  5. Natural Water Retention Systems for sustainable water management in rural areas, incl. crops, cattle, fish, forestry – preview to 2019

– Community & Economic Development
1. Community & economic development in townships & rural areas of SA

  1. Community & economic development – Example Township Kibera, Nairobi
  2. Environment & Natural Resources Programme & Accountability
    Ummah Initiative Group, Kenya
  3. Vision of a developed Africa – former freedom fighter and young Africa

– Waste to  Energy
1. presentation of ‘Waste to Energy’ pioneer plant
2. Waste recycling – creating jobs and caring for health – a Kenyan model
– Health – Approaches to a New Medicine of the Future
  1. Kenya’s Natural Healing PlantsDr. H. Ozwara, Kenya
2. Traditional ways of healing in combination with TCM – N. Wamalwa, Kenya
3. Myoreflexology – a wholesome way of activating the body’s own healing system

23 Jan
One-on-one discussions
and further training for
– the application of the iSDG model
for intelligent planning, budgeting and successful implementation for projects – applicable for Countries, Counties, companies, organisations, institutions, …
– the mini-solar-power-plant A10
– e-learning, e-library, digital class room, digital village
– financing models for the whole package