Caux Forum

Members of Co – Willing are travelling to Caux, Switzerland to participate in  the Caux Forum: Just Governance for Human Security from 3 – 8 July.

Since 2008, the Caux Forum for Human Security has brought together 300 people active in many aspects of human security – politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists, fieldworkers, business people and artists – to explore the root sources of human security. The 2015 Caux Conference focusses on “Just Governance for Human Security”.

The Forum aims to build a worldwide coalition of conscience that recognises the importance of building trust among actors at all levels to achieve meaningful change.

It promotes a holistic view of human security that focuses on five key themes:

  • Just Governance
  • Inclusive Economics
  • Living sustainably
  • Healing Memory
  • Inter-cultural Dialogue

The annual Caux conference on Just Governance for Human Security focuses on building trust. It brings together people active in the struggle for just governance at entry level – in parliaments and governments, in the media, education, industry, business and civic affairs. Many come from situations of tension and conflict. Together they explore the causes of mistrust. The lies and corruption which create disillusion and anger. The acts of humiliation which provoke hatred and violence. The wounds of history which, unhealed, frustrate every attempt to sustain peace.

Through these discussions, participants often see where they, their community or country carries some responsibility for the mistrust, In many cases this has led them into action which has helped bridge deep divisions.

And each conference develops further initiatives to confront corruption, reconcile foes, heal national wounds, and advance governance which offers justice for all. The 2015 conference will feature a variety of workshops including:

  • The Challenge of Climate Change
  • Overcoming the ‘Resource Curse”
  • The Skills of Peace Building

Find out more information at caux.