Freedom – Our Responsibility

‘Freedom – Our Responsibility’ (FOR) took place 26-30 September 2014 in South Africa.

People  across  the world are inspired by the democratic processes led by former President Mandela and other inspirational leaders. This conference was inspired by a profound stories of reconciliation after the struggle for freedom in South Africa. The insights form this recognise the need for forgiveness, healing and practical action thats supports just governance and self-empowerment of the people.

270 Pioneers and Leaders engaged in transformation from 17 different countries gathered in Bloemfontein to explore the theme of Freedom: Our Responsibility from 26  to 30 September.

Against a backdrop of real life stories of individuals rising beyond their circumstances to improve their lives and livelihoods to providing leadership and growth opportunities for communities in emerging democracies; various critical themes were explored via engaged practical examples addressing aspects of post colonial trauma, reconciliation and healing, development and poverty, servant leadership, and empowerment of the marginalised, and the possibilities of inspirational and regenerative development approaches and technologies to support African Development.

Download the Freedom – Our Responsibility constitution here.